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In Q2 2017 I helped the Burberry iOS team achieve parity with the web platform. As part of the personalisation project we looked into native monogramming, a way for customers to add their initials on their desired items - from scarves to trench coats.

This was one of the most popular features on the web platform, that had to be ported to iOS. In the process, we tried to take advantage of the native landscape instead of doing a 1:1 copy of mobile web.
Goals: Improve personalisation by launching monogramming on iOS.
Monogramming has been live on the Web for a while - being one of the best performing features, so in order to set the scene we agreed to run a research 'sprint'.

Usability testing on Web
To gather more context on how well the web performs, we ran a usability testing session on desktop & mobile. The purpose for this session was to identify flaws and issues, while figuring out a way to make the feature stand out on iOS.
Another step of the research process was to gather ideas and get a better understanding of the personalisation landscape by looking at what's out there.

We started testing popular apps such as Nike, Deliveroo, Coach, Apple Store and many more. This helped us get inspired before the ideation process.
Depending on the type of product users have various monogramming options. In order for the flow to be scalable we mapped all those variables.

Besides the technical aspects, there are some physical limitations as well, dictated by the monogramming machine. For example, on some products you can choose initials, colour and placement, while for others you can only add initials. The UX flow needs to accommodate both.

After understanding the context, pain points and challenges, we started exploring various routes. To make this simpler, we aimed to use existing components from our internal pattern library, and define an MVP.

Possible directions:
After a few days of ideating on whiteboards, pen & paper, we agreed on 3 initial concepts that we wanted to investigate more on. We took these 3, stress tested them taking in consideration all edge cases, built some quick prototypes and went to ask users more about what they think.

Final concept
After ideation & validation, we started mapping out all the edge cases and refining the design. There were quite a few steps involved, as this flow differs when switching categories, colours and so on.
Entry point
Besides a separate category in the Burberry navigation, we added an entry point for monogramable items on the listing page.

For returning users we automatically personalise the item's thumbnail to include the user's initials. This way they can get a hint on how customisation might look like without doing any extra work.
On checkout, items available for monogramming will be highlighted, reminding users to add their initials before purchasing. This is especially helpful when the item is a gift, as Burberry offers complimentary gift wrapping.
Thanks to the Burberry team ✨
This project wouldn't have been possible without the help of Hugh Charrington, Chidi Nwaubani & Jade Krug + the data team.
If you'd like to hear more about this project, or need help shipping something new to market, reach out at tasedanmarian@gmail.com