Monogramming —
We helped Burberry launch monogramming on iOS - a feature that's allowing customers to personalise their items, while increasing both conversion and retention for the business.

Although the feature was already existing on mobile Web, adapting it to work in-app didn't make sense. That's why we designed and prototyped an entirely new flow for iOS, taking advantage of the native landscape and allowing future iterations to thrive.
Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing
3 months
Learning from the past
We started by digging through data and testing the existing Web version. As it turned out, there were no major issues understanding monogramming and how it works. Good start!
Scalable for multiple products
Although Accessories is the most popular category, monogramming had to accommodate other categories, from trench coats to backpacks.
Gift Wrap + Monogramming =
On checkout, items available for monogramming will be highlighted, reminding users to add their initials before purchasing. This is especially helpful when the item is a gift, as Burberry offers complimentary gift wrapping.
Design, Test, Learn.
To make sure we're building the right thing, we had a design, test & learn approach. Bi-weekly usability testing helped us get feedback on things like interactions, flows and overall product thinking.
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